Sermon from 02 February 2020

Sermon Title: “Hearing Deficits”

Scripture: Matthew 13: 18-23
You may have noticed I wear two hearing aids. Hearing deficits can be corrected, but the first step is learning to listen. Jesus describes four conditions of hearing in the parable of the sower and identifies the cause of each. Let’s do some self-diagnosing to determine if one describes us.


Sermon from 26 January 2020

Sermon Title: “Hide and Seek”

Scripture: Mark 13:32-37
As children who loved to play Hide and Seek, my sisters and I learned quickly how to count from 1 to 100 as we covered our eyes with our hands. In the parable of this scripture, Jesus tells us how servants should be playing that game. And it has very little to do with counting or with hiding. “Ready or not, here I come!”

Sermon from 19 January 2020

Sermon Title: “Harvesting Figs”

Scripture: Mark 13:21-32
I’ve picked multiple varieties of pears, apples and cherries from trees that I’ve grown. But figs from fig trees? Never. Yet Jesus helps us know the timing of His second coming using a parable from this type of tree. You’ll never look at wasps the same.

Sermon from 05 January 2020

Sermon Title: “Oily Lamps” Communion Sunday

Scripture: Matthew 25:1-13
I love stories. I love to listen to others tell stories, and I enjoy telling some of my own. Jesus also loved stories, and was a master story teller when teaching and illustrating important truths. January Sermons will focus on stories (a.k.a. ‘Parables’) that Jesus told that reveal truth about His second coming. If you were a Boy or Girl Scout, this scripture in Matthew should be one of your favorite.

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