Our group of children and youth is not huge which means they get lots of personal attention. They all have extra grandparents in the church, elder people who give role models, care about them, and congratulate them on any accomplishment. Children’s noises are welcome in worship, unless it is too distracting. Children’s church and nursery care is offered.

We are specifically a church of many generations, which chooses to not separate people out by ages. Our elders want to hear the opinions of the youth and children. The younger generations benefit from the experiences of those older than them. All activities are open to any age.

The younger generations are encouraged to go to camp events, eat together, and go to special events with other youth. But they will also have the chance to interact with everyone. .
Two reasons why we chose this mix of generations: Research shows that youth who are NOT separated out from the regular congregation are much more likely to stay with the church. Second, with moves and busy schedules, many ages do not find themselves mixing, as is normal in community life. We have heard of some youth who don’t know how to “talk to older people.” And we find the reverse, as well. We take our vows seriously to nurture the children and youth in our congregation to an adult faith.

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