Sermon from 15 May 2022

Sermon Title: “Rules, Rules, Rules”
Pastor: Doug Miller
Scriptures: Exodus 20:1-19
Synopsis: Rules, rules, rules. When we think about religion, often, we think about the rules that come along with it. They can be frustrating and hard to follow. Yet, sometimes we forget that the rules aren’t there to make sure we keep our relationship with God. They’re there to make it better. Kind of like guardrails on the road. Jesus gave us the rules to ensure that if we trust him, we’ll have the best life possible. Rules are not a condition to our relationship with God–they are confirmation.

Sermon from 20 March 2022

Sermon Title: “What Is Forgiveness? How Do I Get It? How Do I Give? What Does It Cost?”
Pastor: Doug Miller
Scriptures: John 1:19-31
Synopsis: In this passage we are introduce by John The Baptist to “the Lamb of God”. His listeners are confused but over time they will come to understand this lamb is not an animal but a person. Jesus Christ has come to take away the sin of the world. No longer would the Israelites need to kill a lamb and shed it’s blood to take away their sin, instead Jesus becomes the lamb to take away all the sin of all the people.
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