Sermon from 06 November 2022

Sermon Title: “5th Question – What Does Love Require Of Me?”
Pastor: Doug Miller
Scriptures: John 13:31-35, Phil. 2:1-11
Synopsis: There is one final question we should ask to seek out the best decisions we can make. It is a question you can ask yourself that will bring inescapable clarity to just about every relational decision you’ll bump up against. But a word of warning: it’s not for the faint of heart.

Sermon from 30 October 2022

Sermon Title: “4th Question – What is the Wise Decision?”
Pastor: Doug Miller
Scriptures: Ephesians 3:8-17
Synopsis: It’s human nature to snuggle up to the edge of irresponsibility or disaster and stay there as long as possible. But instead of wondering how close we can get before crossing the line, we need to ask ourselves perhaps the most important question we can ever ask.

Sermon from 16 October 2022

Sermon Title: “3rd Question/A Tension Which Should Gain Our Attention”
Pastor: Doug Miller
Scriptures: 1 Samuel 24
Synopsis: Sometimes an option we’re considering creates tension inside of us. When that happens, it can be tempting to ignore the discomfort or brush by it. But instead of doing that, we need to pay close attention to it.

Sermon from 09 October 2022

Sermon Title: “2nd Question/What Story Will You Tell?”
Pastor: Doug Miller
Scriptures: Gen. 39:1-12
Synopsis: Almost all of us love a good story. Yet what is not apparent to many of us is our lives are a story we are continuing to write each day, with the passing of every day and every season that story builds chapter by chapter. When we look back, often times there are some stories we love to retell and others not so much. Many times, the stories we love to tell are the stories in which we made good decisions. Join us while we continue to look at the questions which help us make decisions about which we want to tell others.

Sermon from 11 September 2022

Sermon Title: “Your Private Decisions Can Have Very Public Outcomes”
Pastor: Doug Miller
Scriptures: Proverbs 27:12
Synopsis: The prudent take refuge when they see danger but the foolish run ahead. The challenge for each of us before we make decisions is to slow down, carefully consider our consequences and make our decision. Rushing decisions can have consequences for us now and consequences for others both now and later. Join us a we begin a brand new series designed to help us make wise decisions for ourselves and others both in the present and the future.

Sermon from 04 September 2022

Sermon Title: “A Simple Prayer”
Pastor: Doug Miller
Scriptures: Matthew 5:8, 6:5-15
Synopsis: We want to be open-minded, but we naturally resist things we can’t control or don’t understand. So how can we learn to be open to changing our ideals and beliefs? Especially if our existing thoughts may cause us to think wrongly about something? Change is never simple and never easy. But it begins with a simple prayer and asking God to change our perspective. It is amazing what God can do as He works to change hearts and people.

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