Sermon from 05 September 2021

Sermon Title: “Keeping Score”
Pastor: Doug Miller
Scriptures: Psalm 103, 2 Samuel 11,12, Psalm 51
Synopsis: The idea that God is a scorekeeper, constantly keeping track of our sin, keeps us from knowing the truth about how he views us. While justice condemns the wrong and the wrongdoer, God removes our sin so that he can condemn the sin, but love us. When we realize this, we can begin to truly experience the forgiveness he has given us—and see the true image of God through the distortion.

Sermon from 29 August 2021

Sermon Title: “Like A Father”
Pastor: Doug Miller
Scriptures: Psalm 103, Luke 15
Synopsis: When we look at God from a human perspective, our view is often clouded by what’s going on in our own atmosphere. It’s easy to buy into the idea that God is remote and distant, but the entire message of the Old Testament tells us that we matter to God. When we realize that he is searching for us with in-tensity, that we are valuable to him, we can see the true nature of God––that he loves us like a father.

Sermon from 15 August 2021

Sermon Title: “Slow To Anger”
Pastor: Doug Miller
Scriptures: Psalm 103
Synopsis: When it comes to how we view God, our perception can alter how we see everything in the world. We may have the idea that God is a ticking time bomb, constantly angered by all the things we do that don’t follow his guidance. But the truth is that God is slow to anger, and his reasoning goes beyond frustration, leading to his love for us. And while his anger has limits, his love does not.

Sermon from 08 August 2021

Sermon Title: “Depression and Anxiety”
Pastor: Doug Miller
Scriptures: I Kings 19
Synopsis: Depression and anxiety are becoming more and more common in our society, and knowing how to navigate mental health in ourselves and others can be especially crucial. God knows our struggles even better than we do, and he knows how to walk through them with us if we’re willing to reach out.

Sermon from 01 August 2021

Sermon Title: “Anger Management”
Pastor: Doug Miller
Scriptures: Eph. 4:26, Prov.16:32, Rom. 8:9,26, Gal. 5:22-23, James 1:19
Synopsis: We all deal with anger—but the way we deal with it can change our lives drastically. When we know how to handle ourselves when we get angry, we can begin to live the way God intended us to live.

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