Sermon from 14 April 2024

Sermon Title: “The Jesus Way”
Pastor: Linda Maifair
Scriptures: Matthew 23:3, John 13:15, and John 13:34

Synopsis: Once we decide to accept Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf and profess him as our Lord and Savior, how do we actually live out our discipleship in ways that honor Him? By following His example and thinking, speaking, responding to and serving others the way He does. By making the constant, ongoing, moment by moment choice to love like Jesus and do things The Jesus Way.

Sermon from 07 April 2024

Sermon Title: “Were You There?”
Pastor: Linda Maifair
Scriptures: Luke 23:32-43

Synopsis: The two thieves on the crosses with Jesus. From Passover to Communion, God has commanded his people to remember what He has done for them, so that they will know how much He loves them, turn to Him, trust Him, follow and obey Him. We will take some time to remember the events of Holy Week and consider how this story, especially the story of the two thieves, is OUR story. To realize that yes, we were ALL there as Jesus took OUR sins to the cross and decide whether we will personally accept or reject Him and His sacrifice on our behalf.

Sermon from 24 March 2024

Sermon Title: “A Cross In My Pocket”
Pastor: Doug Miller
Scriptures: Luke 9:23-27

Synopsis: Many years ago there was a poem entitled “A Cross in My Pocket.” It talked about a small cross that could be placed in people’s pockets or change purse. It was to serve as a constant reminder of who I was and whose I was. It was hoped that when I reached into my pocket or change purse I ran my fingers over that cross, I might remember those very facts in every decision I make.

Sermon from 10 March 2024

Sermon Title: “Three Shifts (Are Your Hands Open?)”
Pastor: Doug Miller
Scriptures: 1 Timothy 6: 16-19

Synopsis: We were created to live generously! When we do, we can experience a new level of joy and freedom. How do we become the kind of people who are generous with their time, energy, and resources? There are three mindset shifts related to our resources that will equip us to live life with open hands.

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