Sermon from 19 May 2024

Sermon Title: “Self Righteousness”
Pastor: Doug Miller
Scriptures: Luke 18:9-14

Synopsis: It is not our sin that will keep us from God, it is our own self-righteousness that keeps us from God. How do we know if we are drifting in our own self-righteousness? What are the clues? Well, it is how you start to treat others around you. Particularly, those who have made a mess in their life. Three questions you can ask, 1.) “Have you separated yourself from others you consider broken and messy? (Pharisees stepped away from others) 2.) Have you ever said, “I’m glad I’m not like them? (The Pharisees said it in his prayer) 3.) When broken and messy people get good things, are you happy for them? (When we think others need to suffer more before they get God’s grace). If Jesus doesn’t require people to clean up before they come to him, we should not either.

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