Sermon from 11 December 2022

Sermon Title: “Conflicted Kingdoms”
Pastor: Doug Miller
Scriptures: Matthew 2:9-16

Synopsis: It took about 40 years for the world to know and come to grips with the fact that God had sent a king into the world in the form of Jesus. A king whose kingdom would come in conflict from this world. 40 years after Christ’s birth, in Syria, a term came into use to describe a political movement where Greeks and Romans were swearing allegiance to a brand-new king. He was called a Christos or anointed one. This God king they were reference had been crucified 10 or 12 years before by Rome. And this guy to whom they swore allegiance to was not only a king but a God. But this God king did not require sacrifice. Instead, he came to earth to be the final sacrifice. Not like a good like charm but the sacrifice for sin. He required something other than sacrifice. He required allegiance and obedience. Roman didn’t care who you worshiped but you obeyed Caesar. But that didn’t work in Antioch anymore. And this new understanding of this God king began to take over the world.

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