Sermon from 02 July 2023

Sermon Title: “Abraham’s Journey: The Journey Begins!”
Pastor: Doug Miller
Scriptures: Genesis 12:1-6

Synopsis: Today we begin a lengthy study of the life of Abraham, “The Father of Many Nations.” As we move through this series we notice Abraham was not really what we might think is the ideal guy through which God would work. But through Abraham’s faith and God’s great patience, God did do miraculous things. This first week, we will discuss Abraham’s call from his home land and into a new future. Abraham had to leave his gods, his culture and his family to obey the voice of God. What do you think would be the hardest of these things for you to be called away from? What idols were present in Abraham’s life that God may have had to move Abraham away from and what idol might be in your life? Join with us as we consider the idols around us and how we might begin to rid ourselves of them.

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