Sermon from 09 February 2020

Sermon Title: “Finding the Lost”

Scripture: Luke 15:1-7
“Honey, have you seen my car keys anywhere?” Embarrassing to admit, it’s a common question heard by my dear wife. Jesus shares a parable in chapter 15 of Luke that identifies three different items that were lost. But interestingly, the happy result for all three represent God’s intervention and grace.

Sermon from 02 February 2020

Sermon Title: “Hearing Deficits”

Scripture: Matthew 13: 18-23
You may have noticed I wear two hearing aids. Hearing deficits can be corrected, but the first step is learning to listen. Jesus describes four conditions of hearing in the parable of the sower and identifies the cause of each. Let’s do some self-diagnosing to determine if one describes us.


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