Sermon from 06 August 2023

Sermon Title: “Understanding The Bigger Picture”
Pastor: Doug Miller
Scriptures: Genesis 15:1-6

Synopsis: God’s plans are so much bigger than the ones you and I have made. In fact we don’t fit God into our plans, we fit ourselves into God’s plans. God has a plan. It is to build a nation that is in rhythm with Him and to become a light to all nations. As we learn today, Abraham did not have children. It was a curse in that day not to have children. Abraham wanted God to bless him with children. But God had this bigger plan, to build a nation. God uses Abra-ham in His plan to build not only a family (for Abraham) but this incredible nation. God is not a genie or a vending machine to assist us with our plans. He is way bigger than that according to the scriptures. So it wasn’t about Abraham, it was about God using Abraham to bring about His plan. The same is true with us as we relate to Jesus. If we are going to follow Jesus, we need to fit into His plan and not visa versa. We need to go to God to seek His plans not seek God out to bless our plans.

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