A Note from the Pastors

Welcome to God’s church. We try to remember that we can never own a church, that it is all about God and what God wishes to do with us. We follow Jesus, we love one another, we serve people in our neighborhood and in the world. We honor differences as necessary for community.

Over the years, I have thought of various themes for churches. One I like is “Nobody is perfect. Everyone is welcome. Everything is possible.” Or “An intergenerational community serving the world in the name of Jesus.” Or “One of the churches that follows Jesus.” Or “An imperfect church for imperfect people serving an imperfect world.” “A different way of living.”

We are trying to be a real family as a congregation, not a church of families. No, we want to be one big family, with older and younger and very wee all mixed together, with singles and divorced people, and widowed and the classic matrimonial pairs and families with two children, or more. We don’t care where you came from, we just want to move forward with you to look more like Jesus.

We are thoroughly based in the New Testament. Our denomination is over 300 years old. We try to live simply, without violence in word or deed, and taking the scripture seriously.

We are grateful for a comfortable building in which to meet. But our real church is people, many of whom have experienced grief and trauma and loss and still know how much Jesus loves them. Come and get to know them. They are good at laughing and working and talking about God. Join our adventure in imitating Jesus.

Pastor Marla

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